Version 4

    Database Sharing with JBoss Messaging


    Question: I'm using JBoss Messaging.  Can I share a database between servers?  With JBossMQ database sharing between servers was prohibited.

    Answer:  Yes you can share a database, given that the peer-id's are different. 

    It is required that all the JBM servers in a given cluster must share the same database, but it is also true that multiple clusters can share the same database also, given that they have different peer ids.





    Question: I'm using JBM version 1.x.x(prior to 2.0), do all my members in a given cluster need to share a database.

    Answer: Yes in order to do proper failover, JBM servers need to be able to read the database of other peers in the cluster.  So in a given cluster, all members must use the same database/tablespace.