Version 14

    Frequently Asked Questions about the JBoss4.2 Release


    Why can't I connect to the server remotely? All the services appear to be bound to localhost only.


    • That's correct before 4.2.0.GA jboss always bound to the any address "". You wouldn't believe how many people would put unprotected instances of JBoss on the internet, or even on their own local LAN. Now you have to explicitly choose to do that, so it takes some thinking about before you revert to the old default behaviour with the "-b' option of jboss. e.g.

    ./ -b 


    For Windows, use


    run.bat -b 


    Note: Starting the server with -b will get things going for you. However, you are strongly advised to secure your JBoss instance, atleast when using the server in production.


    Suggestion: It would be extremely helpful to provide a script or something to lock down the admin features. Or just disable them by default. My systems admin perspective: JBoss is some thing that came with the application. I had no idea these admin tools were running and accessible on our public website (running JBoss on port 80). How do I stop them from running?


    Why is my log4j.xml being ignored?


    Starting from JBoss 4.2 the Log4J configuration file has been renamed to jboss-log4j.xml



    Why do I get error starting a clean JBoss-4.2.3 GA with JDK 1.5?


    You are trying to use the version compiled for JDK6. More information