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    JBoss Application Server


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    JBoss has established a track record of innovative Java middleware design with full support of standard and cutting edge, beyond the standards, research


    • JBoss was started in 1999 as an open source EJB container.

    • JBoss 2.x was a full J2EE 1.2 based server.

    • JBoss 3.x is our current J2EE 1.3 production series.

    • JBoss 4.x is our current J2EE 1.4 production version.

    • JBoss 5.x is our current developer version.


    JBoss 3.x is a full framework for you to build your own applications. It is based on a Java microkernel (JMX) and service oriented architecture (SOA). JBoss 4.x is exploring aspect oriented middleware (AOM) and Java based middleware independent of J2EE.


    JBoss, The Most Popular Application Server by the Open Source community


    Developed in Open Source, JBoss established a massive fan base across the world. JBoss is not only favored by advanced developers, it is also the point of entry for thousands of newbie Java developers.


    • Developed in Open Source, JBoss is FREE SOFTWARE distributed under the LGPL license.

    • JBoss is a full-fledged, award-winning, Java application server.

    • JBoss enjoys a 1 position in downloads with more than 5 million downloads.

    • JBoss enjoys a 1 position in development due to ease of use features

    • JBoss enjoys a 1 position in OEM/ISV due to the free and modular nature

    • JBoss enjoys a 3 position in IT production with a 25% market share.


    To join the development community, visit the JBoss Development Tasks page


    JBoss, The Features


    JBoss is advanced middleware with a full J2EE based personality that IT departments look for. But that is not all, the OEM and ISV community embraced JBoss as a highly flexible service oriented architecture on which to build their own products.


    • Full microkernel approach based on Java Management eXtensions (JMX)

    • Fully hot-deployable and cyclable service layer with Service Archive format (SAR)

    • Fully automated and net based installation with hot-deploy of applications

    • Full J2EE 1.4 support (EJB, JCA, JSP, JMX, HTTP etc)

    • Full security implementation and JAAS integration

    • Full clustering of any java objects (EJB, HTTP, POJO)

    • Ground breaking Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP).

    • Fully supported by JBoss, Inc.


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