Version 7

    JBossCache projects for student contributors

    JBoss Cache as a clustered file directory system for Apache Lucene

    • Will involve understanding Apache Lucene requirements, especially locking ones

    • Benefit from the JBoss Cache passivation system to allow directory larger than memory

    • Test the efficiency read / write ratio in such a distributed environment


    Server module for JBoss Cache


    • A wrapper to open a socket, listen for client connections and "translate" these into in-VM JBoss Cache calls, and dispatch accordingly.
    • The server module should be a standalone piece of code that starts up a JBoss Cache instance.
    • The server module should be clusterable, e.g., have the potential to fire up several server module instances.
      • The JBoss Cache instances in the server module VMs will discover themselves and form a cluster.
    • Should be tested with memcached clients in Java, C, C#, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.
    • Should use the memcached text-over-HTTP protocol, as well as the new upcoming memcached binary protocol.
    • Should also design and implement a JBC-specific binary (and text) protocol where cluster state and size could be shipped back to clients, piggybacking on response data.  Could be an extension of the memcached protocol.
    • Write a specific Java based client to use this JBC-specific protocol to use in-client load balancing and failover.
      • If there is time, potential clients in other languages would be nice!