Version 3



    Interested in what Infinispan is doing in this regard?  Take a look at Client and server modules


    This is the design of the server module for JBoss Cache, that bolts on to either a replicated or standalone cache and exposes certain functionality over a TCP socket.


    The plan is to provide a number of protocols, the first one, , being a basic JBoss Cache 2.x cache loader compatible one to replace the .  Other protocols would involve a Memcached-compatible RESTful protocol and a binary equivalent.




    The TreeCacheProtocol would provide the following functionality:


    • GetChildrenNames

    • GetKey

    • Get

    • Exists

    • PutKeyVal

    • PutMap

    • RemoveKey

    • Remove

    • Clear

    • PutList




    The memcached protocol is detailed elsewhere.




    This will eventually become the default, and is a binary protocol providing simple map-interface equivalent commands such as:


    • Get

    • Put

    • Remove

    • Contains

    • Clear

    • Replace

    • PutIfAbsent

    • Size