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    JBossESB - Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP)




    The guys at have created a nice overview of the patterns mentioned in their 'Enterprise Integration Pattern' book, see the pattern table of content. We largely follow the terminology used in this book. Some of these patterns are implemented by JBossESB and are ready to use (out of the box), some are not yet, and some patterns really can't be implented by us, since it is more pattern on how to organize your business logic. In the latter case, we'll describe how you can use JBossESB to create a certain pattern.


    If you have implemented a certain pattern you can publish it here on the wiki. We hope this wiki will grow out to be a dynamic Open Source EIP exchange.


    You can Download the patterns in Open Document Drawing Format: Enterprise Integration Patterns, and welcome updates to this library.


    Enterprise Integration Pattern Categories


    The EIPs can be categorized into the following categories:

    Messaging Channels

    Message Routing

    Message Transformation

    Messaging Endpoints

    System Management