Version 3

    JBoss MicroKernel JBoss Server implications








    • All POJOs will be JMX manageable


    • An MBeanServer will be instantiated during the bootstrap.


    • The current


      package will be maintained for backward compatibility, but the implementation will come from the new kernel.








    • The package


      will be replaced with the aspectized deployer.


    • The MainDeployer will be maintained for backwards compatibilty but will delegate to the aspectized deployer.








    • The notion of singleton will be incorporated in the kernel


    • Additional metadata will allow a POJO to be configured on any node in the cluster


      • Configured attribute changes will be automatically replicated


      • Configured operations can be invoked on all nodes in the cluster


    • Services will be available in all nodes of the cluster using the cascading MBeanServer notion.




    See JBoss5HighLevelRoadMap


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