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    London Feb 6-10 2006


    Planned Agenda


    • Produce a formal definion of "Production Readiness". The project quality of being "production ready" must be testable/measurable.

    • Review JIRA task list for Beta, in the light of the new "Production Readiness" definition. Validate, re-order, prioritize, assign.

    • Review JIRA task list for RC and 1.0 final. Validate, re-order, prioritize, assign.

    • Review/define JBoss AS 5.0 integration-related JIRA issues

    • MC integration. MC config to bootstrap JBoss Messaging.

    • Discuss 1.2 road map, re-plan clustering, decide on a deadline. Send the conclusions to Pierre.

    • Whiteboard design session: Messaging spill-over and lazy loading queues. A first implementation should already be available in CVS for review.

    • Whiteboard design session: Clustering. Review of the current clustering support.

    • Performance framework overview. Devise a plan to run it continuously. Consider DTF. Also see the "Why benchmarking?  was Re: Roller moves to JPOX due to LGPL" thread. Post the conclusions on the core.

    • Q1 objectives in JIRA.


    Actual agenda

    • Tue Feb 07

      • Define Production Readiness

      • Rehash Beta and 1.0 JIRA tasks + effort estimates


    • Wed Feb 08

      • Design : Message spillover

      • Design: Persistence Optimization

      • Print training materials.

    • Thu Feb 09

    • Fri Feb 10

      • Alex - Destination Management

      • Luc 11:00 am - conference

      • Clustering review

      • Clustering road map

      • Define JBoss 5.0 integration/MC integration, integration tests. Do we need this for 1.0?



      • update the wiki page

      • get back to Alex

      • assign tasks and add time estimation in JIRA



    Tue Feb 07 2006


    Production Release Criteria


    Binary Tests


    1. Unit tests, 100% pass rate. Document any encountered race condition (save snapshot, add it to repository). Run tests with fork = false (?)

    2. Stress tests - detect race conditions

    3. TCK - run and make sure it pass 100% before release. Possibly integrate it with the continous build.

    4. Joram tests

    5. JBoss 4.0 integration tests.

    6. Smoke Test - for 4.0 (scoped sar) for the time being.

    7. Long running performance and reliability test



    Performance Metrics


    1. Define a reasonably small set of metrics to track, measure the value of these metrics for the release in a statistically significant way and compare them with the equivalent JBossMQ values. All values must be at least 10% better.

    2. Save these values for comparison with future releases.

    3. Optional - measure same metrics for other OS JMS provider.



    Performance Metrics




    1. Payload size (0 bytes, 100 bytes, 1K, 10K, 100K)

    2. Transacted/non-transacted

    3. Persistent/non-persistent

    4. Acknowledgment mode

    5. Destination type

    6. Destination count

    7. Producer count

    8. Consumer count

      1. Non-durable subscriptions for topics

      2. Durable subscriptions for topics

    9. Selectors




    1. Evolution of troughput (send rate vs. receive rate)

    2. Value of steady state throughput

    3. Spike (?)




    The initial set of metrics to be compared with JBossMQ's and tracked accross releases are:


    receiver rate = f(send rate), steady state troughput and maximum send rate, for:


    1. non-transacted send, non-persistent messages, queue

    2. non-transacted send, persistent messages, queue

    3. transacted send, non-persistent messages, queue

    4. transacted send, persistent messages, queue


    Generate graphs for 0K and 10K payload messages.



    The preliminary task list for RC



    (wouldn't be nice if JIRA let us do this?)


    Wed Feb 08 2006


    Updated task list for RC


    The item are listed in the descending order of their priority, and also have effort estimates attached. For more details about a task, go to JIRA. Example, task 237 --->



    Planning conclusions


    Design discussions


    Bulk Write



    The conclusions have been added to



    Message Store Spillover



    The conclusions have been added to



    Thu Feb 09 2006







    The conclusions have been added to:






    The conclusions have been added to






    Fri Feb 10 2006




    Channel memory management, meeting notes added to





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