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    Planned Agenda


    Tuesday, May 09


    Theme: QA


    Participants: Ryan, Tim, TomE, Ivelin, Ovidiu, Adrian(?)



    • Messaging architecture overview for the QA team

    • Discussions on involving QA in the Messaging release procedure

    • Discussion on standardizing on a distributed test framework (DTF)



    • Procedure of handing over the release artifacts to the QA for "official" release. Merge it with the Messaging release checklist.

    • Document Messaging "external QA tests"

    • Document DTF decision



    Conclusions Tuesday, May 09


    QA team involvment in the Messaging's QA process


    The QA team will take over the following tasks:


    1. Run JBoss AS testsuite integration tests


    • The QA team drives it. Most likely will start after JavaOne

    • Ryan coordinates it, Rajesh will probably handle it directly.

    • The objective is to make sure Messaging passes JBoss testsuite integration tests and it can replace JBossMQ in the head (bar clustering). JBoss 5.0.0 alpha should ship with JBoss Messaging instead of JBossMQ


    2. Performance tests


    Messaging team should deliver a workable performance framework, "reproducible" tests and documentation, then it should pass it over to the QA. This should be completed next week.


    The QA team:

    • runs it once per release

    • keep the results in a historical DB

    • setup the machines (2 nodes, one per server, one per DB)


    Completion: later June, mid July.


    3. Functional tests + stress tests over a database matrix



    Currently the test framwork supports configurable databases.

    The QA team should get a database test matrix running. They should generate automated test runs and  messaging-mysql, messaging-oracle type of reports.



    Completion July 31st.


    4. Continuous TCK run





    5. Memory leak test


    No QA involvment yet, falls under the "internal QA" category.




    Completion: mid June.



    QA team involvment in the Messaging's release procedure


    Start getting the QA team involved in the release. They are handed over a release bundle zip and they'll start by adding MD5 checksums, linceses, checking documentation and examples.


    The process should be tested on 1.0.1.CR2.


    Other issues:

    • Maven. Dependencies. Conclusion: wait until Maven is used in the head and start a parallel test build with Maven.

    • Subversion

    • Independent head


    Wednesday, May 10


    Theme: Messaging and Remoting


    Participants: TomE, Adrian, Tim, Ovidiu, Clebert



    • Discussion on amending Remoting API in the light of recent experiences using it with Messaging

    • Remoting vs. Messaging versioning and backward/forward compatibility.



    • The first draft of the amended Remoting API



    Whiteboard snapshots





    Thursday May 11, Friday May 12



    Theme: Messaging Clustering


    Participants: Tim, Adrian, Ovidiu



    • Overview of the current distributed infrastructure

    • In memory replication for queues and topic subscriptions (replicated transaction map, replicated delivery list)

    • Load balancing

    • Management (deployment, administration)



    • Design document

    • JIRA task list for 1.2

    • Effort estimation and delivery date for 1.2


    Whiteboard snapshots





    Other discussions


    • Meeting with Michael on Documentation

    • Discussion with Adrian on EE 5/AS 5 beta



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