Version 20






    Project's Capital Rules






    1. This project's capital offense is deleting, commenting out or otherwise modifying a semantically valid test, even if it looks pointless or stupid. Once a test makes it to the testsuite, it must not be deleted or modified except under special circumstances, and only upon review and approval of the test author AND the project lead.


    2. No new code will added to repository unless it includes test cases to validate the added behavior. The minimal acceptable amount of testing code are test cases for normal operation. Adding cases for edge conditions and error conditions is highly encouraged. There is no such thing as too many test cases. Machines to run test cases are cheap, and more dense the test mesh is, less chances to screw up when refactoring.


    3. Every fixed Messaging thirdparty dependency bug shall have a corresponding Messaging layer functional test.










    Other recommendations




    • Please sign your code by mentioning your name in the file's header. If you modified in a significant way a file that wasn't started by you, that gives you the right to add your name to the author list for that file.



    • If you don't have direct CVS access, please generate patches using cvs diff -up > yourPatch.patch. Do not send patches by e-mail, upload them under the corresponding JIRA task.




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