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    A JMS ConnectionFactory is an administered object that encapsulates a set of connection configuration parameters, which should be sufficient for creating a connection to the JMS provider. The JMS client looks up a ConnectionFactory instance in JNDI, where it should be bound in advance by the JMS provider.



    is the JMS Facade implementation of a


    . The complete set of JMS interfaces implemented by this class are:


    • javax.jms.ConnectionFactory
    • javax.jms.XAConnectionFactory
    • javax.jms.QueueConnectionFactory
    • javax.jms.XAQueueConnectionFactory
    • javax.jms.TopicConnectionFactory
    • javax.jms.XATopicConnectionFactory


    The class doesn't do any significant work, it just delegates to a ConnectionFactoryDelegate. It is the delegate implementation that does the specific work of constructing connections.



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