Version 2



    Need implementations of JMS messages


    • javax.jms.Message
    • javax.jms.BytesMessage
    • javax.jms.MapMessage
    • javax.jms.ObjectMessage
    • javax.jms.StreamMessage
    • javax.jms.TextMessage


    Also need implemention of the Message Selector.




    • The SpyMessage and selector implementations are a good starting point for implementation details.

    • There should be a factory to allow alternate implementations to be used.

    • Implement message header and message properties as separate objects.

    • Need to include an optimization where the message body stays as a


      on the server, i.e. no unnecessary serialize/deserialize.

    • Need to have an estimate of message size in memory for the caching implementation.

    • Need to look at an optimized serialization rather than using Object serialization (for performance reasons).



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