Version 7

    How to check out


    cvs checkout -r <your_tag> -d <your_local_dir> JBossRemoting


    To build and run the functional testsuite


    ant clean most tests.quick


    To upload artifacts in the repository




    (this will produce jboss-remoting.jar)




    TomElrod: I normally do 'dist.quick' which will build a zip for the distro.  
    It takes longer, but when unzip it, one of the root directories will be src, 
    which I then zip into and upload along with the jboss-remoting.jar.


    (for source)


    The testsuite situation for remoting_2_x branch


    Tests that currently fail (Jan 22 2007):



    • org.jboss.test.remoting.configuration.RMIConfigurationTestCase

    • org.jboss.test.remoting.marshall.encrypt.EncryptionStandaloneTestCase

    • org.jboss.test.remoting.transport.http.proxy.HTTPInvokerProxyTestCase - many of the http tests, including this one, call on external, public web sites to test the http client.  Often these external sites will change and break the test case (and looks like what happened for this test).

    • org.jboss.test.remoting.transporter.proxy.TransporterProxyTestCase

    • org.jboss.test.remoting.transporter.proxy.local.TransporterProxyLocalTestCase










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