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    1. How to run JBoss/RI tests



    1.1 Start the JBoss/RI


        cd $JBOSS_HOME/bin -c cts (or -c cts-messaging)




        cd $J2EE_HOME/bin
        asadmin start-domain


    The RI's log is $J2EE_HOME/domains/domain1/logs



    1.2 Start the database


        cd $J2EE_HOME/pointbase/tools/serveroption


    1.3 Run tests in command-line


    Unset ANT_HOME


        cd $TS_HOME/src/com/sun/ts/test/samples
        $TS_HOME/bin/tsant runclient


    1.3.1 How to run a single test in a leaf directory


    Go to your test directory. Be aware that test directories are rooted in src: %TS_HOME%\*src*\com\sun\ts\tests\jms\ee\all\queueutests.


        cd <test-directory>
        tsant -Dtest=emptyMsgsQueueTest runclient


    This command runs a single test (emptyMsgsQueueTest) four times, for each of the four vehicles mentioned in $TS_HOME/src/ emptyMsgsQueueTest_from_ejb, emptyMsgsQueueTest_from_appclient, emptyMsgsQueueTest_from_jsp and emptyMsgsQueueTest_from_servlet. If you want to run the test with only one vehicle, use:


        tsant -Dtest=emptyMsgsQueueTest_from_appclient runclient


    1.3.2 Where are specified the test vehicles?


    $TS_HOME/src/ - each directory contains a list of vehicles used to run the tests in the directory.



    1.4 Run tests from the GUI


    Unset ANT_HOME


        cd $TS_HOME/src/com/sun/ts/test/samples
        $TS_HOME\bin\tsant gui



    1.5 Stop the database



    You can stop the pointbase server by entering the q command in the pointbase console window.


    1.6 Stop the JBoss/RI


        cd $J2EE_HOME/bin
        asadmin stop-domain



    2. Troubleshooting


    • If your servlets do not deploy (you get a ClassNotFoundException), this may be due to a deployment path that exceeds 255 characters. Try installing your JBoss instance as close to the file system root as possible.

    • Windows/Cygwin: In case you get an error message that the test driver cant create a server socket: " Unable to open a ServerSocket for port 2000", try starting the test runner from the windows command line. It's not working from within cygwin.


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