Version 6

    Module version convention


    Module sources

    Each module sources has a structure like:















    Available at


    Module binaries

    Whenever sources changes, a binary should be uploaded on, here is the naming convention:


    For trunk




    For tagged releases:








    For branches






    Portal links to the modules

    JBoss Portal trunk codebase will reference all (trunk-SNAPSHOT)s


    JBoss Portal branches will reference either:


    - a tagged version if no bug fixes or required changed happened on the module


    - a SNAPSHOT version if a modification on the module is necessary


    JBoss Portal tagged versions will only reference tagged modules.



    PS: If in the future we need RC or SP versions we can postfix it.


    How to upload the binaries

    The binaries are uploaded though SVN:


    It needs few minutes to get synchronized on


    It also means that when something is commited, the binaries should be updated.