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    MPING (=Multicast PING) uses IP multicast to discover the initial membership. It can be used with all transports, but usually this is used in combination with TCP. TCP usually requires TCPPING, which has to list all group members explicitly, but MPING doesn't have this requirement. The typical use case for this is when we want TCP as transport, but multicasting for discovery so we don't have to define a static list of initial hosts in TCPPING



    Configuration Example


    Configuration example for MPING.


    <MPING timeout="3000" num_initial_members="3" ></MPING>



    Configuration Parameters

    bind_addrBind address for multicast socket
    bind_interface_strThe interface (NIC) which should be used by this transport
    break_on_coord_rspReturn from the discovery phase as soon as we have 1 coordinator response
    discovery_timeoutTime (in ms) to wait for our own discovery message to be received. 0 means don't wait. If the discovery message is not received within discovery_timeout ms, a warning will be logged
    idGive the protocol a different ID if needed so we can have multiple instances of it in the same stack
    ip_ttlTime to live for discovery packets. Default is 8
    levelSets the logger level (see javadocs)
    mcast_portMulticast port for discovery packets. Default is 7555
    nameGive the protocol a different name if needed so we can have multiple instances of it in the same stack
    num_initial_membersMinimum number of initial members to get a response from. Default is 2
    num_initial_srv_membersMinimum number of server responses (PingData.isServer()=true). If this value is greater than 0, we'll ignore num_initial_members
    num_ping_requestsNumber of discovery requests to be sent distributed over timeout. Default is 2
    receive_interfacesList of interfaces to receive multicasts on
    receive_on_all_interfacesIf true, the transport should use all available interfaces to receive multicast messages. Default is false
    return_entire_cacheWhether or not to return the entire logical-physical address cache mappings on a discovery request, or not. Default is false, except for TCPPING
    send_interfacesList of interfaces to send multicasts on
    send_on_all_interfacesWhether send messages are sent on all interfaces. Default is false
    statsDetermines whether to collect statistics (and expose them via JMX). Default is true
    timeoutTimeout to wait for the initial members. Default is 3000 msec



    See also Protocol Configuration Common Parameters.



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