Version 8

    Add here other things you would like to see in this wiki (or just add the content to the wiki yourself).


    • Security - How to configure JGroups so that it is secure


      • Authentication - Making sure that only authorized nodes join a group

      • Encryption - How do we encrypt payloads?

      • PKI - I heard that JGroups supports security via PKI.  How does this work?

      • Performance - What are the implications to performance?


    • A good definition of probabalistic broadcast (PBCAST)


    • Describe how to accomplish bulk data transfer.  Groups are for messaging, how would I transfer a large amount of state?


    • One thing that would help is understanding which protocols elements API thingies are used with which and which ones replace the other options.  Maybe make that the bottom of each.  "PartOf: XYZElement Modifies: ZYXElement InsteadOf: ZZZ".


    • Then some discussion of the theory of different configs and what they accomplish more than just "here is a big config...its fast".


    • Discussion of FD versus FD_SOCK: copy from JGroups slides


    • more information about JGroups over a WAN.


    • some information about the quality of service jGroups provide. Is a message received at-least-once,  exactly-once, or exactly-once-in-order?


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