Version 25

    Too many JSF components only target the Servlet environment and break in a Portlet environment.


    One reason for this is an unnecessary classcast to HttpServletRequest somewhere in the code (they should be using the ExternalContext instead).  Another common reason is that the component relies on a Servlet filter, which is not an available feature of JSR-168 Portlets.


    Here we will try to evaluate JSF components in a portlet environment



    • columns: Working

    • commandSortHeader: Working

    • dataScroller: Working (tomahawk 1.1.4 & myfaces 1.1.4 on jboss portal 2.6 - PAL Bridge does not support myfaces > 1.1.4)

    • dataTable: Working

    • graphicImage: Working

    • tree2: Working, for client side tree2 use pal's bridge + modded facesresponsefilter(see blog comments)

    • File Upload : Works using PAL's Tomahawk Bridge 0.91 PAL Bridge



    • Alias Bean: Unknown

    • Buffer: Unknown

    • JSCook Menu: Unknown

    • Newspaper Table: Unknown

    • Tabbed Pane: working but you have to disable the extensions filter check in web.xml (tomahawk 1.1.5/jboss portal 2.4)

    • Calendar: no popup:working (tomahawk 1.1.5/jboss portal 2.4).

    • Popup: Working, but you need to manually include the javascript in the


      section of the layout. (tomahawk 1.1.4/portal 2.4.1)

    • Javascript Listener: Unknown

    • Date: Unknown

    • Html Editor: Unknown

    • Html Tag: Unknown

    • Data List: Unknown

    • Tree: Unknown

    • Tree Table: Unknown

    • Panel Stack: Unknown

    • Style Sheet: Unknown

    • Extended Data Table: Unknown

    • Panel Navigation: Unknown

    • Panel Navigation 2: Unknown

    • UI Save State: Apparently not working (tomahawk 1.1.5/jboss portal 2.4)

    • Column: working (tomahawk 1.1.4/portal 2.4.1)

    • Schedule: Unknown

    • Dojo Initializer: Unknown

    • Select Items: working (tomahawk 1.1.5/jboss portal 2.4)


    AJAX4JSF (will be merged into richfaces soon)






    • Popup Box: Unknown

    • Popup Frame: Unknown

    • Charts: Unknown



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