Version 5

    Loopback adaptor issues on Windows




    On Windows, when a loopback adaptor is created, we can associate multiple (virtual) IP

    addresses with it, e.g. and


    However, when we have a member M1 bound to, and another member M2 bound to, and

    bind_to_all_interfaces is set to true, then it was observed that - regardless of the bind address -

    the sender's address in a DatagramPacket received was always (the first address assigned) !


    Therefore, members would never find each other.


    The reason this shows up now (in 2.2.8) is that as an optimization, we don't send the src address

    in the Message anymore, so we can save a few bytes, but we null the src address, and set it to the sender's

    address when we receive the packet.

    This can be disabled by setting null_src_addresses to false (default is true)