Version 13

    Deploy portal using configurations with DB and LDAP and check if it's working by logging into it


    Checking DB Configuration


    1. Get clean portal sources and AS with clean state (in server/default remove 'log', 'work', 'data', 'tmp')

    2. Set JBOSS_HOME env to AS directory

    3. Invoke tasks:

      1. build/build.xml deploy

      2. core-admin/build.xml deploy

      3. core-cms/build.xml deploy

      4. core-management/build.xml deploy

      5. core-samples/build.xml deploy

      6. core-search/build.xml deploy

      7. wsrp/build.xml deploy

    4. Run AS and check if there are no exceptions during deployment on the AS console

    5. Open browser (ideally Internet Explorer) and go to http://localhost:8080/portal

    6. Login as user: user/user

    7. Check that everything is displaying correctly

    8. Logout and login as user: admin/admin

    9. Check that everything is displaying correctly

    10. Logout and then in UserPortlet on the main page try to register new user

    11. Check if you are able to login as such new user


    Checking LDAP Configuration using RH Directory Server in QA


    1. Prepare working directory server instance

      1. Check if you have connection to vpn (ping - requires jboss vpn connection)

      2. Recreate content in ldap (require to have ldap tools 'ldapdelete' and 'ldapadd' installed)

        1. Go to identity/src/resources/example directory in portal sources

        2. invoke command: ldapdelete -x -h -p 10389 -D"cn=Directory Manager" -w qpq123qpq -r "o=test,dc=portal,dc=qa,dc=atl,dc=jboss,dc=com" (it may produce some error messages)

        3. invoke command: ldapadd -x -h -p 10389 -D"cn=Directory Manager" -w qpq123qpq -f portal-sample-rhds.ldif (should compleate without errors

    2. Edit Portal configuration in sources to enable LDAP support

      1. Edit core/src/resources/portal-core-sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml and change line:

    <attribute name="ConfigFile">conf/identity/identity-config.xml</attribute>



    <attribute name="ConfigFile">conf/identity/ldap_identity-config.xml</attribute>
      1. Edit core/src/resources/portal-core-sar/conf/identity/ldap_identity-config.xml and put following content into it