Version 7

    This is HOWTO for migrating database content from Portal 2.0 to Portal 2.2


    There is a simple tool for migration which is currently under developement.

    It is not finished yet but functional already.


    Currently migration tool can migrate:

    • users

    • roles

    • users/roles relations

    • users preferences

    • descriptors (not including security configuration)


    To use it you should:


    1. Download latest portal 2.2 sources:

    cvs co -r JBoss_Portal_Branch_2_2 jboss-portal-2.2

    1. Build portal sources:

    cd jboss-portal-2.2/build; ./ (or Windows equivalent)

    1. Build Migration Tool:

    cd jboss-portal-2.2/migration; ./ dist (or Windows equivalent)


    After this steps you will have standalone distribution of Migration Tool in:


    It is independant from portal sources so you can move it and run from anywhere


    To do additional config

    1. Provide jdbc connector jar for RDBMS and place it as:


    1. Edit files following files:



    and set up information for source and destination DB schema for migration



    And that should be all!


    Run migration


    • To run the DB migration: cd jboss-portal-2.2/migration/output/dist/portal-migration; ./ (or the Windows equivalent, run.bat)

    • To run the descriptor migration:

      • cd jboss-portal-2.2/migration/output/dist/portal-migration

      • java -jar descriptor-migration.jar path-to-the-exploded-WAR-file-containing-the-descriptors-to-be-migrated




    It does schemaExport on destination DB so remember to BACKUP before playing with this.




    It works in a rather simple way and currently doesn't output much "user friendly" information. So just look into the migrated DB to look for results.



    If want to change logging options you must do it in sources as file is placed inside of jar. You can find it in: