Version 2

    The Multiplexer


    What is this ?

    Check the Multiplexer documentation (section 6.3) for details.


    Using the Multiplexer in JBoss

    If you want to play with the Multiplexer; I've uploaded a SAR to This can also be created by downloading the JGroups source and executing target multiplexer-service (./ multiplexer-service). The Multiplexer.sar will then be placed into ./dist.


    I tried this with jboss-4.0.x (so the latest from the 4.0 branch).

    (You can create the SAR yourself by calling ./ multiplexer-service in JGroups; the SAR will be placed into ./dist)


    1. Copy the Multiplexer.sar to your /deploy dir

    2. Find the jgroups:name=Multiplexer in jmx-console

    3. Find and execute the method createMultiplexerChannel(), use "fc-fast-minimalthreads" or "tcp" as first arg, and any other value as second (appl ID). This is from stacks.xml. (If you click on dumpConfig(), it'll dump all stack names listed in stacks.xml)

    4. Go back to the MBean

    5. Click on dumpChannels(): you'll see the channels plus registered applications. Note that you cannot register the same app twice

    6. Go back to the agent view, find the "jgroups" domain. You'll see that we've got (1) the Multiplexer, (2) all channels and (3) all protocols. Whether or not you want to expose protcols is governed by the ExposeProtocols attribute

    7. Go back to "jgroups:name=Multiplexer"

    8. Click on destroy() / or remove the Multiplexer.sar from /deploy

    9. You'll see that the agent view doesn't list any channels/protocols anymore