Version 9

    JBoss Portal CMS Repository configuration.


    The JBoss Portal CMS uses Apache Jackrabbit as the default JCR implementation. How the content store behaves and where the content and metadata are located, is all subject to how you configure the repository descriptor. There are three ways to store data that the JBoss Portal Team recommends:


    • 100% Filesystem Storage

    • 100% Database storage (with the exception of the search index which will still reside on the filsystem

    • Mixed - Blobs are stored on the Filesystem and Metadata is stored in the Database.


    Jackrabbit does bundle other combinations and methods to store information. However, we do not support them. If you wish to implement them, we suggest you look at the Jackrabbit project yourself and see which is best for you.


    Configuring the repository


    See 20.4.3. (Configuring the Content Store Location) of the reference guide. The default is 100% Database storage.