Version 5

    Portal modules and their function


    • api: includes the JSR-168 and JBoss Portal public API, those classes are not subject to change across versions

    • build: includes the files to build JBoss Portal from the sources

    • cms: includes the cms service classes

    • core

    • core-admin: includes the administration portlets that can be used to administer Portal from a web interface.

    • core-cms: includes the portlet classes for CMS, it's using the cms module

    • core-cms: includes the identity portlets

    • core-management

    • core-samples: includes several sample portlets which can be used as examples or to test that Portal is working properly.

    • core-search: Alpha work

    • core-wsrp: includes the WSRP management portlet

    • faces: classes for JSF support

    • format:

    • jems: integration with JEMS components

    • migration: application to migrate from one version of portal to another

    • portlet-server

    • registration

    • samples: service classes for core-samples

    • search: Alpha work

    • security

    • server

    • testsuite

    • theme

    • thirdparty: this module is created the first time you build Portal and contains required libraries. This shouldn't be modified.

    • tools: tools used to build JBoss Portal from sources (used by the module 'build')

    • widget: Google widget integration

    • workflow

    • wsrp: contains the WSRP implementation.


    External modules:

    • common: contains classes used by many other modules

    • identity: contains the identity management services

    • portlet

    • test

    • web



    Optional modules:


    Some modules are not essential to Portal and are not deployed by default when building from sources. You can deploy them individually based on your needs by using the deploy task of the Ant script located in the module directory. The optional modules are:


    • core-admin

    • core-cms

    • core-management

    • core-samples

    • core-search (Alpha work)

    • widget

    • wsrp


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