Version 6

    Support/Dev Responsibility


    1. Create a jira issue in JBPORTAL if it's not already created.

    2. A new branch appended with JIRA id is created. An example:

    3. Create the patch and create or modify existing junit test case.

    4. Merge the new test case to 2.6 branch

    5. Upload the patched binaries to jira issue created in Step 1.


    QA responsibility


    1. Checkout the code from Step 2 in previous paragraph and build everything.

    2. Update the affect binaries with the one that's uploaded to JIRA issue.

    3. Run the complete portal testuite including DB compatibility tests.

    4. Manual verification of Patch

      1. Download the bundled distro from source forge.

      2. Patch jboss-portal.sar with the binaries from jira

      3. Start the AS from the bundled distro

      4. Verify the patch is working