Version 27

    The JBoss Development Process Guide tests section




    1. Define what is subject to be tested in the portal and how efficiently testing can be done. We need also to define what tools we will need to use or build for the whole testsuite.

    2. Put in place the integration test with respect to the application server

    3. Put in place the testing infrastructure and configure or build the tools needed for that.

    4. Develop the testsuite.


    What we can test


    For each module we can define

    1. Functionnal tests

    2. Integration tests

    3. Performance tests






    1. Functional

      1. Web app instrumentation

      2. Aspects

      3. Various registries

      4. Invocation framework

    2. Integration

      1. Deployment spi

      2. Servlet and filter commands

      3. Portal servlet



    1. Functional

      1. JSR 168 tests : Points covered by the TCK and also cover everything that is not tested by the TCK as defined by the portlet specification

      2. Vendor features (PortletSession replication)





    1. Functional

      1. Configuration framework

      2. Configuration listener

      3. Permission factory

    2. Integration

      1. Security store that uses JBoss Cache



    1. Functional

      1. Test Command Framework: add/delete/move/copy/update nodes and version nodes.

      2. Test HA CMS.

      3. Test jBPM CMS workflow (if exists)

    2. Integration

      1. Test RDBMS compatibility.

    3. Performance

      1. Test CMS Cache



    1. Functional

      1. Layout and Theme framework

    2. Integration

      1. Theme Deployer

      2. RenderSet and Layout Strategy Deployer

      3. Theme and Layout Service implementations

      4. Maximizing Layout Strategy

      5. emptyRenderer and divRenderer renderSets

      6. Theme Tags

        1. HeaderContent

        2. Region

        3. Theme

        4. Portlet

    3. Performance



    1. Functional

      1. Get the WSRP TCK running and evaluate it as far as functional coverage goes.

      2. If the TCK cannot be easily run, test each entry point (method) of each WS end points. This will involve creating a SOAP client infrastructure and a set of test clients for each end point. Ideally, this will be achieved outside the container.

    2. Integration

      1. Test integration with portal architecture.

    3. Performance

      1. TBD



    1. Functional

      1. Mapper

        1. Command factory

        2. URL factory

      2. Command execution

      3. PortalObject

        1. Container

        2. Event listener

      4. Instance

        1. Container

      5. UserModule

      6. RoleModule

    2. Integration

    3. Performance


    What we need


    1. Integration with qa labs

      1. Provide a contract between the layer that runs the tests and the test bed itself

        1. Database contract that defines how we can setup the tests against a defined collection of datasources

        2. Deployment contract that defines how the test bed can manage deployment in the application server

    2. Tools we need

      1. Portlet Container testing infrastructure

      2. JBoss JCA and TM support for offline tests

      3. Can we test JSF applications ?

      4. Testing portlets