Version 4

    The main differences between 2.6 and 2.7 are the use of JSR-286 features to replace JBoss Portal specific features. The database schema hasn't changed.


    Usage of JBossActionRequest


    Usage of JBossActionRequest is not available directly anymore. From now on it is only accessible if the org.jboss.portlet.filter.JBossPortletFilter is applied on the portlet. To do so, first you will need to change the portlet.xml descriptor in order to declare the new portlet as a JSR-286 portlet so that the filter can be applied. For a portlet named MyFooPortlet it would now look like this:



    <portlet-app xmlns=""
          <filter-name>JBoss Portlet Filter</filter-name>
          <filter-name>JBoss Portlet Filter</filter-name>
    <description>My foo portlet</description>


    By not adding this filter on a portlet using JBossActionRequest/JBossActionResponse, an error message such as: The request isn't a JBossRenderRequest, you probably need to activate the JBoss Portlet Filter: org.jboss.portlet.filter.JBossPortletFilter on MyFooPortlet


    Special consideration for portlets using JSP pages

    Please see Upgrading JSR-168 Portlets to JSR-286