Version 8
    1. Need to be present :

      1. Julien Viet

      2. Rali Genova

      3. Chris Laprun

      4. Roy Russo

      5. Thomas Heute


    1. Migration process to SVN

      1. What it buys to the portal team (short)

      2. define responsabilites : who does what

      3. roadmap

    2. Migration process to Maven 2 - in order to migrate to Maven2, the migration to SVN must be complete first

      1. What it buys to the portal team (short)

      2. QA talks about maven2 and customizations they added in order to create their product (that I call JBoss Build). Portal team needs a product : documentation / release / wiki / migration guide / template for new projects

      3. define responsibilities : who does what ?

      4. roadmap

    3. Testsuite

      1. Portal team talks about the work done between 2.2 and 2.4 for the portal modules and what testing means for a portal

      2. QA team gives feedback about this : how easy it is to put in place

      3. Brainstorming  : study coverage

      4. Clustering testsuite - we need to test the portal clustering feature and there isn't enough documentation on this yet

    4. Portal team talks about the work that needs to be done for the 2.6 timeframe

      1. WSRP interrop automated testing

      2. DB interrop automated testing

      3. CMS (jBPM workflow, fine-grained security)

      4. Dashboard functionality to be defined

    5. QA presents JBoss Test product : what it does, roadmap

    6. Brainstorming :

      1. how to improve portal testing

      2. should we contribute some stuff part of portal test module to JBoss Test ?

    7. Future

      1. AJAX testing : has QA team any clue about this ? can Rali make research about that please ?

      2. App server agnosticity : how can we test JBoss Portal artifacts in different environments in an automated way.

      3. WSRP 2.0 testing : more WSRP in perspective

      4. QA Resources : AJAX Testing and App server agnosticity require one additional person from QA ?