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    Welcome to the wiki for the RichFaces project! This is a general ad hoc collection of information resources about RichFaces. Users are encouraged to donate meaningful documentation and information (like tips and tricks). Material on this wiki can be migrated to be part of the more formal documentation over time. If you are already registered for the JBoss forums, then you are registered for this wiki -- just login.  All documentation contributed is covered by the documentation license.




    Getting Started



    Whether you want to use Maven, Ant and Ivy or handle dependencies by yourself, all details are available in this Getting Started with Richfaces section:


         RichFaces 4.X
         RichFaces 3.3.X

    Online Demos

    Online Demos are available for you test and review the functionallity of RichFaces. Code samples are available in each of the examples to show you how they were done. If you want to play with the demos yourself, the source code is available as well.


         RichFaces 4.X Demo
         RichFaces 3.3.3-Final Demos

    Portal Support with RichFaces


    Contributing to RichFaces


    We welcome and encourage the community to contribute and help improve RichFaces. There are many ways to contribute if you are interested in helping out and participating in this great open source project:


    Report bugs and file feature requests
    We can't fix bugs we don't know about!  Similarly we can't implement features unless we know they are required.  Be sure to let us know by filing bug reports and feature requests in our issue tracker.
    For details on how to report constructive issues, refer to this guide on Submitting effective issue reports
    Post a patch
    If you can resolve an issue, or implement a feature, indicate your intentions as a jira comment in the corresponding issue, and submit a pull request vai our GitHub repository.
    For details on how to contribute your code, refer to the Contributor Getting Started Guide
    Share your RichFaces expertise
    Answering people's questions in the user forums, or writing wiki articles providing tutorials is another great way to contribute to the project.  Not only do you help improve the community level of interaction, but you free up the core developers' time to fix bugs and provide features. Your articles might one day be part of the official project documentation!
    Participate in the development and design discussions
    RichFaces is designed and developed in the public, and both welcomes and encourages community involvement in the process.  The dev forum is a great place to share your ideas for improving the framework.
    Addtionally we hold weekly meetings in IRC (#richfaces channel) with public agendas and minutes.  Feel free to participate as we prioritize and discuss scheduled jira issues.

    Release Information

    Wiki Knowledgebase

    External Resources

    (Both 3.3.x and 4.x)