Version 8

    What is new in RichFaces 3.1.0


    1. Ajax4jsf and Rich Faces are merged. Code base grouped into 3 jars: richfaces-api, richfaces-impl and richfaces-ui


    2. The filter configuration becomes more flexible. It is possible to configure different filters for a different set of pages of the same application. In RichFaces 3.1.0 it’s not necessary to select between two different filters for the whole application. The possible types are: NONE, NEKO, TIDY. TIDY filter corrects the output html code. NEKO corresponds to the former "Fast Filter". NONE – no any correction, it is a responsibility to have it corrected.


    3. The URI for a4j: and rich: namespaces are changed to "" and "". The previous URIs are also available for a backward compatibility.


    4. The following components (tags) are added:

    • calendar

    • dragListener

    • dropListener

    • effect

    • virtualEarth

    • insert

    • message

    • messages

    • scrollableDataTable

    • toolTip

    • changeExpandListener

    • nodeSelectListener

    • recursiveTreeNodesAdaptor

    • treeNodesAdaptor

    • panelMenu

    • panelMenuGroup

    • panelMenuItem



    5. Important Bugs fixed:


    • RF-5 - The content of the rich components is not rendered if particular components are direct children

    • RF-7 - SuggestionBox not working in IE

    • RF-8 - Suggestion Box doesn't align correctly in IE

    • RF-14 - iteration components show wrong data if they are pointed with ReRender

    • RF-24 - NPE comes from Drag/Drop Support classes if a component is added, then removed from a UIComponent children collection

    • RF-37 - dataTable is re-rendered incorrectly when the records are deleted

    • RF-38 - a4j:include does not work as expected inside tabPanel

    • RF-52 - modalPanel: ModalPanel via https. annoying warning appears

    • RF-72 - h:commandLink does not work in rich:dataTable

    • RF-111 - tree: Exception when user clicks a4:commandLink on the same page outside the Tree

    • RF-154 - Suggestion does not appear for the second time

    • RF-212 - rich:suggestionbox doesn't work inside  rich:simpleTogglePanel

    • RF-233 - Suggestion Box : can't invoke suggestion in Opera

    • RF-243 - Action Listener isn't invoked by DEFAULT on the menuItem



    Feature requests:


    • RF-4 - Add expression or the current row index of rich:dataTable

    • RF-10 - Allow ajaxSingle for suggestionBox to make it possible to use other fields values in the suggestion action

    • RF-11 - SuggestionBox: assign default values for width and height

    • RF-15 - Add support for facets in rich:datascroller

    • RF-32 - Add DnD parameters to dragIndicator

    • RF-81 - suggestion box. Enable onsubmit to make it possible to discard an Ajax request

    • RF-84 - Create RichFaces resources descriptors

    • RF-87 - Tree - make selection submit on mouse up

    • RF-102 - Tree - Need ability to disable a node selection

    • RF-120 - datatablescroller: add align attribute

    • RF-220 - tree: icon, leaf facets


    6. Numerous other bug fixes and improvements tasks (Full list in the distribution archive)