Version 10

    What is New in RichFaces 3.2.1


    New Features Introduced


    • Plug'n'Skin feature introduced

    • Demo laguna skin created using plug'n'skin

    • Suggestion Box improved (JS API for calling suggestion and accessing selected Objects added)

    • Sorting futher improvements (Sorting objects not strings)

    • Filtering further improvements (default input corrected and styled)

    • DataScroller improved (multiple instances behaviour and page binding corrected)

    • componentControl and contextMenu attachement improved


    Bug Fixes


    • dataTable and sorting, filtering features (corrections on decode)

    • scrollableDataTable fixes (Scrolling and loading data problems, cross-browser support fixes)

    • ComboBox fixes (according to customers feedback)

    • File Upload improvements and fixes (according to community feedback and internal tests)

    • Character encoding problems(according to customers feedback)

    • Memory leaks and perfomance fixes (according to customers feedback)

    • MyFaces specific fixes

    • Opera browser support fixes


    New features description in the guide


    Improvements in description of the components

    • RF-3153  <a4j:portlet> is DEPRECATED

    • RF-3347  New init parameter DEFAULT_EXPIRE is added

    • RF-3326  <rich:contextMenu> usage particularity

    • RF-3228  The "ajaxSingle" attribute description is corrected

    • RF-3164  The info about supported severs is corrected in the guide


    Improvements in chapters and sections

    • RF-3362  <rich:inplaceSelect>: The "editOnTab" attribute is deleted

    • RF-3361  <rich:separator>: value "none" for lineType attribute is added to the attribute table

    • RF-3134   <rich:inplaceInput>: information about "saveControlLabel", "cancelControlLabel", "saveControlIcon", "cancelControlIcon" is added

    • RF-3300  <rich:inputNumberSpinner>: rich-spinner-buttons class is added

    • RF-2204  <rich:listShuttle>: the "sourceRequired", "targetRequired" attributes description was added

    • RF-1052  Code samples for skinnability settings are added to guide


    Guide build improvements

    • RF-3189 New styles are applied to the guide


    Improvements in FAQ

    • RF-2420 section "How to save states of <rich:panelMenu>" is added

    • RF-3117 ViewExpiredException workaround is added

    • RF-3042 <rich: suggestionbox>: optional object selection description is added


    Other improvements

    • RF-925   code patterns explanation are reviewed

    • RF-926   code examples are reviewed

    • RF-730   language is corrected in the attribute tables