Version 5


    this may be slightly superseeded by: (although it would be nice to have, as part of JBossDNA which will ultimately be providing the repository back end for this).


    As a repository (JCR currently planned) is fairly central to this, we need a component to sync assets from the SOA repository to the developer tools SCM (eg subversion).


    The foundations of this come from drools-repository from the drools project.


    A root "node" in JCR is specified to sync to a SCM "directory" - the JCR node will be looked at as the root of a directory tree. Based on conifguration, changes made in the JCR repository will be pushed as commits into the remote SCM system. For changes in the reverse direction, a timed or user requested pull will pull the latest versions from the SCM (and if it is able to detect changes, then it will be a new version in the JCR repository).


    The foundations for this are in:


    Optionally, from the SCM side a HTTP api can be called to notify the JCR repository of a change of content.


    Aim is to Keep It Simple Simon and YAGNI. It is not expected that the version histories have to line up exactly (TBC).



    Michael Neale