Version 7

    How to make it better: Suggestions for bug-fixes or improvements


    • enhanced menu template

    Some sort of CSS based tab or drop down menu with sub menus should be nice. (I will attach my menu solution to this page as an example...)


    • get rid of table based forms, use fieldsets with labels and legend instead


    (Will attach my template together with its css file here)


    Feature wish list


    • IntelliJ project file templates/generation

    Similar to Eclipse/Netbeans project file generation. Either freemarker or Ant replacement templates should do the trick.


    • si:selectItems integration for associations

    Pretty straight forward, but the libs would be missing since the SelectItems are not bundled with Seam.


    • rudimentary optional Icefaces support


    Icefaces together with Seam are everything else than a rock solid, stable solution but it basically works as one can see in the according example and it's great fun playing around with.  The configuration is pretty straight forward and could be easily integrated in the build script.


    • ability to choose jpaconfiguration from existing persistent unit instead of jdbcconfiguration


    This actually needs just 2 lines of code in the build file and could be easily integrated in the existing build file.


    <classpath path="${project.home}/exploded-archives/${}.jar"></classpath>