Version 4

    The Standard MBean Helper (ServiceMBeanSupport)


    management interface


    This interface exposes the lifecycle methods, and a couple of other informational

    attributes for state and name. It also holds some constants for the possible state values

    and notifications emitted. You just need to extend this with your management interface.


    abstract class


    Fortunately JBoss does a lot of work to implement the


    interface. By extending the


    abstract class, you only need to implement the following lifecycle methods. JBoss handles the state machine to make sure they are invoked in the correct order handling the state attribute and notifications.

    protected void createService() throws Exception;
    protected void startService() throws Exception;
    protected void stopService() throws Exception;
    protected void destroyService() throws Exception;


    Additionally, you get the following helpers:

    protected org.jboss.logging.Logger log; // A logger 
    protected server; // The MBeanServer
    protected serviceName; // The service's ObjectName




    It is not intended that you override other methods with the exception of the following:

    public String getName(); // A text string describing the service


    See BindMBeanToJNDI for a simple subclass of