Version 31

    Using Eclipse as your IDE


    These instructions are based on Eclipse 3.2, if you do not already have a copy of Eclipse it can be downloaded from

    You will also need a SVN plugin for eclipse as it doesn't come with Eclipse. Tigris Subeclipse works fine, you can get it from


    Obtaining The Source


    The source for JBoss portal is distributed across a number of separate Eclipse projects based on the different areas of functionality. 


    JBoss Portal HEAD using Subversion

    Here are the basic steps to get the latest unreleased JBoss Portal code source in Eclipse.


    • At this point it should fetch all the projects from the subversion repository once that done, Eclipse will complain for too many errors.

    • Once done (after several minutes) go to the 'build' directory, right click on 'build.xml' then do 'Run As>Ant Build', it should fetch third party libraries from the Web (and also compiles JBoss Portal).

    • Refresh the thirdparty project from Eclipse (Select it, right click, then 'Refresh')

    If you have the automatic rebuilding activated (default). It should be error free now.

    • You are ready to go !


    Any trouble ? Post in the user forum.


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