Version 26

    JBoss Web Console


    The JBoss Web Console provides a Java applet tree control which provides the following features

    • Tree view over the JMXConsole.

    • Tree view of J2EE JSR-77 management statistics (servlet, ejb stats and deployment descriptor views)

    • User defined Domain and MBeans can also be viewed in the Tree.

    • Ability to Graph dynamically any numeric JMX attribute

    • WebConsoleMonitoring - Ability to monitor JMX attributes with real-time graphs and receive alert notifications via email or via log entries

    • WebConsoleSnapshots - Ability to record a snapshot of a JMX attribute over time

    • Options - Update/Refresh Tree, Shutdown, Restart, Halt JBoss Instance

    • Internationalisation (currently in patch form) - see JBossConsoleI18n


    You can access the web console under http://localhost:8080/web-console


    JBoss Web Console




    Note: By right clicking on "JBoss Management Console" in the applet window(the right frame) of the web-console, you will see a few options including Shutting Down and Restarting JBoss. Click on the link: