Version 16

    The Wise project is building a java framework to invoke webservices easily, usable as base for zero-code webservice invocation application. Wise could be a solution when you need a total and effective decoupling of the client and server using ws to inter operate. It's matter of fact that wsconsume tools is great for java developer, generating needed stub class, but it introduce a new (or renewed ) level of coupling very similar to corba IDL. Generating statically webservice stub you are in fact coupling client and server.

    So what is the alternative? Writing dynamic client using crapping Dynamic dispatch JAX-WS API? Maybe, but it isn't easy to understand or maintain for sure. Wise provide a different solution using dynamic mapping on jax-ws tools generated stub. Wise permits to call a webservice mapping a generic Object Model to jaxws generated one. Are we reinventing the wheel? We don't think so because JAX-WS dynamic dispatch isn't a perfect turning wheel, not usable at all in entreprise environment. Moreover Wise can be used (and it is in JBoss ESB) as base for zero-code web service invocation.


    For further information, please have a look to our homepage.


    In this wiki you will find some designs and news for future versions and some documents about our build, our conventions and best practice that could be very very useful if you decide to contribute to the project: