Version 36

    Here is a summary of the current JBoss Cache releases.


    EditionStable Version
    Unstable Version
    JBoss Cache Core Edition

    3.2.5.GA "Malagueta"

    1.4.1.SP13 "Cayenne"

      JBoss Cache POJO Edition3.0.0.GA "Naga"
      JBoss Cache Searchable Edition1.0.0.GA
      JBoss Cache GUI Demo1.2.GA


      Distributions contain documentation, tutorials, FAQs and Javadocs as well.  You can also JBoss Cache Official Documentation.


      Please visit our SourceForge download page for historical versions.



      If you are using Maven, you would first need to set up your Maven environment to point to the JBoss Maven Repositories, by following this guide: Maven Getting Started - Users


      Then, you can add dependencies to JBoss Cache jars by adding the following dependencies to your pom.xml file:








      to your <dependencies /> element.