Version 1

    Interoperability with Microsoft SharePoint's WSRP implementation

    SharePoint does not send a valid consumerAgent string (per section 7.1.1 of the WSRP specification) when trying to register. This results in error similar to on the consumer side (SharePoint):

    Runtime Error in method WSRPConfigurationToolPart.RefreshPortlets of type 
    The exception was System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: 
    Could not register consumer named 'Microsoft SharePoint'. 'Internet Explorer' is not a valid 
    Consumer Agent. Please notify your Consumer provider that it is not WSRP-compliant.


    By default, JBoss Portal is configured to reject content that is not conforming to the specification. This validation mode can however be relaxed. Please refer to the appropriate version of JBoss Portal's Reference Guide to learn how to configure the producer's validation mode ({portal version number}/referenceGuide/html/wsrp.html#strict-mode) where {portal version number} is the Portal version you are interested in.
    Note: The configuration of the producer validation mode is only available starting with JBoss Portal version 2.6.5.