Version 10

    Maven repositories


    The jBPM maven repository:


    The jBPM snapshot maven repository:


    The maven groupId for jBPM 4 artifacts is org.jbpm.jbpm4

    Maven dependency scopes


    Compile is the default scope; all dependencies are compile scoped if a scope  is not supplied. Compile dependencies are available in all classpaths and they  are packaged.


    Provided dependencies are used when you expect the JDK or a container to provide them. For example, if you  were developing a web application, you would need the Servlet API available on the compile classpath to compile a  servlet, but you wouldn't want to include the Servlet API in the packaged WAR; the Servlet API JAR is supplied by your application server or  servlet container. Provided dependencies are available on the compilation  classpath (not runtime), provided dependencies are not transitive, nor are they  packaged.


    Runtime dependencies are required to execute and test the system, but they  are not required for compilation. For example, you may need a jdbc api jar at  compile time and the jdbc driver implementation only at runtime.


    Test scoped dependency are not required during the normal operation of an  application, and are only available during test compilation and execution  phases. The test scope was previously introduced in the section called  “Adding Test-scoped Dependencies”.

    jBPM 4 module dependencies

    Overview of the jBPM 4 module dependencies:



    Use code dependencies

    Users can organise their dependencies like this: