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    You can download a folder with a plug-in either from a Anonymous SVN or a Committer SVN ( if you have commiter rights) repositories . In the plug-in's folder you will find a directory with documentation.This instruction explains how you can build the documentation.


    Ensure you have the Maven building tool

    Ensure the Nexus repository and profile as defined here: are in your settings.xml file, located in your %M2_HOME%/conf/ or %USER_HOME%/.m2/ folder. These settings are required in order to obtain the necessary jDocbook plug-ins that are required to build the JBoss Tools documentation


    Building Steps

    So, you checked out the plug-in for which you want to build documentation and the documentation folder. And now you can proceed to building the documentation.

    1.Find the pom.xml file, that is responsible for building the documentation,  in the plug-in folder you downloaded. Normally it’s located in “/docs/reference”.

    2.Run mvn clean install command in the folder with pom.xml to start building the documentation. (nightly build docs are build by default)

    user@user-desktop:/home/user/trunk/seam/docs/reference$ mvn clean install


    3.If everything is configured correctly you will see a “BUILD SUCCESSFUL” message. You will also see a generated target folder that contains the built documentation.

    To open the HTML version of the “Seam Dev Tools Reference Guide” guide you need to proceed to 
    and open index.html file.

    Documentation Profiles


    There are 3 profiles that you can build documentation with:


    release builds release documentation with “new” or “updated” markers next to the corresponding chapters and sections titles

    releaseJBDS  builds release documentation with styles for commercial products


    Remember to redeploy "jbosstools-jdocbook-style" and "jbosstools-docbook-xslt" if it have been changed.

    In order to redeploy you should run 'mvn deploy'  from the corresponding directory. You should also have the apropriate credentials to deploy to the


    diffmk builds  documentation with markers highlighting changes comparing to the previous release version and sets “new” or “updated” markers next to the corresponding chapters and sections titles.Note: Please make sure that you have the master_output.xml file (normally the file can be found in \pluginName\docs\reference\en\) as a new guide may not have such file since there's nothing to compare with.


    This command launches building documentation with a profile.

    mvn install -Pprofile_name


    By default, with no profile specified, Nightly Build docs are generated.


    In order to build all the guide from one place you need to have JBoss Tools trunk checked out then cd to JBoss_tools_trunk/documentation/jbds-docs/ to build JBDS guides with styles or to  JBoss_tools_trunk/documentation/jboss-tools-docs to build JBoss Tools guides.

    and run


    mvn assembly:assembly


    You can optionally use a profile in this command.

    mvn assembly:assembly -Pprofile_name