Version 1

    Several JBoss Cache projects depend on parent POMs.  The POM hierarchy is explained here.  For all of the artifacts referred, the common group ID is org.jboss.cache


    The different support artifacts in the group


    1.  Artifact ID jbosscache-support


    This is the common parent for all other artifacts in the group.


    2.  Artifact ID jbosscache-common-parent


    This is what all real project POMs will use as a parent, and has details such as Test NG settings


    3.  Artifact ID jbosscache-doc-xslt-support


    Additional support for generating docbook documentation


    Support artifacts in Subversion


    These support artifacts are in Subversion, and can be accessed on this URL for non-committers:



    Or this one for committers:



    Releasing support artifacts


    NOTE: Project POMs should only use released support artifacts as parents.  I.e., never, ever use a -SNAPSHOT version of a parent artifact (unless publishing a -SNAPSHOT project artifact).


    Release process


    1. Check out the support trunk
    2. Make changes you need to the pom.xml, except release version number changes
    3. Commit your changes to trunk
    4. Create a tag off trunk for your new release
    5. Check out the new release
    6. Update version in pom.xml, common/pom.xml and xslt/pom.xml to a valid release version (E.g., 1.6.BETA1, 1.6.GA, etc) in the release tag you just checked out
      1. Tip: Using a search-and-replace is strongly recommended.  There may be more than 1 place in each file where the version may need to be updated.
    7. Check these back in
    8. Run $ mvn release
      1. For this to work, you need to have the JBoss Maven2 repository checked out locally
      2. Have your ~/.m2/settings.xml properly configured to point to your local Maven2 repo checkout
    9. Commit changes in your JBoss Maven2 repo checkout so that the new support artifacts are published