Version 3

    This tracks JIRAs which are on the JBoss AS 5.x wishlist, in order of priority:


    1. JBCACHE-1236
      • Non-blocking state transfer
      • Targetted for JBoss Cache 3.1.0
    2. JBCACHE-1407
      • Region-based marshalling to support multiple regions in a PREPARE
      • This is needed to allow sharing of a cache between web sessions and SFSBs, with efficient replication at end of web request.
    3. JBCACHE-11
      • Memory-based eviction policy
    4. JBCACHE-1340
      • Eager deadlock detection
    5. JBCACHE-1240
      • Policy to control what happens to a buddy-backup region when the owner leaves the group
      • Need to think about whether this is needed.  May be better if done in the AS rather than JBC.