Version 11

    Build and install the jBPM distribution

    Refer to jBPM3 Building the Installer for details.

    Load sample identity data

    Run the attached identity.sql script on your target database.

    Deploy sample process

    Point your browser to the jBPM console. Log in as either admin or manager. Follow the Processes link in the top bar. In the Actions pane on the left, press Deploy a new process.


    Download the attached process archive, select it as the file to upload, and click on Deploy.

    Go through the ticklist

    Use Case Notes
    Log inuser/user
    View processes
    Examine processwebsale
    Start a new process instance
    View personal/group tasks
    Start taskCreate new web sale order
    Examine taskidem
    Fill task form, Save
    View variables, verify captured data
    Remove variablequantity
    View task form, confirm field was removedidem
    Fill field again, Evaluateidem
    View comments
    Add a comment, save
    Log out
    Log inmanager/manager
    View jobs, confirm timer was createdEvaluate web order
    Delete timer, disregard stack trace in server console (see JBPM-2103)idem
    View personal/group tasksidem
    Examine task
    Reassign taskshipper
    Log out
    Log inshipper/shipper
    View personal/group tasks
    Start taskEvaluate web order
    End task: OKidem
    Examine taskWait for money
    Fill form, update books
    View process instance
    View comments, verify comment was added
    View tokens, confirm all tokens were ended
    View process image, confirm picture corresponds to token data
    View process variables, verify captured data
    Delete process instance
    Start a new process instance
    View tokens
    Signal token
    Signal token: OK
    Suspend process instance, confirm tokens are suspended
    Resume process instance, verify tokens are running
    End process instance, check tokens are ended
    View process definition
    Delete process
    Log out
    Congratulations! You have a working console.