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    The RichFaces project team tries to meet every week to discuss planning, and status.  The topics cover everything from current release plans, to future design and development ideas.


    The meeting is open to anyone and we encourage people to attend.  We attempt to follow an agenda to keep the meeting moving and to cover the important items that need to be discussed.  The agenda is constructed based on several factors; current release phase, hot forum topics, jira, etc....




    If you have topics you would like to see discussed please post the topics and any details in the Team Meeting Discussion forum.


    Meeting Information


    The meeting is conducted in IRC to facilitates communication for many people.




    IRC Server:
    Channel: #richfaces


    Date/Time: RichFaces Project Calendar


    Meeting Agendas

    Meetings agendas are listed via this wiki search:


    Meeting Minutes and Transcripts

    Meeting minutes and transcripts can be found in the jboss meetbot archives:




    4.0.X Meeting Archives


    Between May and September 2009 we held special meetings for RichFaces 4.0 planning.  The meeting notes can be found here: