Version 11

    Release Cycle


    We used to have time-boxed releases in the past (8 weeks cycle). Currently we try to stick with that for micro releases (those having pretty much bug fixes only), while minor and major usually takes more time and are feature-boxed.




    For a detailed roadmap of the fixes and new features scheduled for the next releases of each supported stacks, please take a look at the roadmap on JIRA.

    Besides that, we have a mid-to-long term new features roadmap which is partially reported here below; please note that feature requests are always welcome (as well as patches/contribution for them ;-) ), just get in touch with us on the forums.


    JBossWS 4.3.x


    • Improve manageability
    • Consolidation
    • Additional test coverage for WS-Discovery


    JBossWS 4.4.x / JBossWS 5.x


    • Improve manageability / ease of use / tooling
    • WS-* stuff (in collaboration with Apache CXF)
    • Upgrade to Apache CXF 3