Version 13

    The low level roadmap for HornetQ is maintained in JIRA.


    On this page we outline a high level roadmap. Note that this roadmap only contains large high level tasks. There may be many more smaller tasks and smaller pieces of functionality which aren't covered here.


    HornetQ 2.0



    • All features as described on the features page for version 2.0



    HornetQ 2.1

    • Native STOMP support

      The HornetQ server will be able to speak the STOMP protocol directly, allowing HornetQ to be used with any STOMP clients which are available in many languages.

    • HTML 5 Websockets support

      This allows in-browser JavaScript apps to talk directly to the HornetQ server. Example applications include stock tickers, trading applications etc. Can scale to many thousands of concurrent connections.


    HornetQ 2.2


    • RESTful messaging interface

      Define a RESTful interface for messaging that can be accessed via plain old HTTP.


    • AMQP support


    Implement the emerging AMQP protocol. We would prefer to implement a simpler, 1.0 version of the protocol that has been agreed upon by all major parties.


    • Server-less mode


    HornetQ clients effectively start up with a server embedded in them and talk directly to each other.


    HornetQ 2.3 (CR)


    See Jira Milestone Release Notes.