Version 8

    Architecture, from "Art" to "Engineering"


    SAVARA is a new community project established by JBoss/RedHat, in collaboration with Cognizant Technology Solutions,  to provide a framework for Enterprise and Solution Architects, based around a new methodology called "Testable Architecture", used to build distributed systems of which service oriented systems are an embodiment.

    The difference between the tools that will be developed as part of this project, and other enterprise architecture tool suites, is that the goal of this project is to ensure that all artifacts created throughout the lifecycle of a software development project are verifiable against other previously defined artifacts. Using this approach, it will be possible to ensure that the delivered system conforms to the original business requirements.

    SAVARA will build upon the Process Governance capabilities in Project Overlord to ensure that models defined at various stages in the development lifecycle conform to models from the preceding stage of the lifecycle. Runtime Process Governance will also be used to ensure that the running system continues to conform to the original design and therefore requirements.

    To learn more about the project organisation, please see the "SAVARA Project Structure".


    Working Groups

    The project is being organised into working groups to focus on specific aspects. These are: