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    How to get started?

    1. Start with the online documentation
    2. Get more familiar with Lucene itself.
      1. Read the Lucene FAQ it is packed with valuable information
      2. Get hold of a copy of Lucene in Action. It is by far the best reference for all Lucene related questions and packed with valuable examples.
    3. Learn to use Luke and start understanding the Lucene index structure by actually looking at it.
    4. Get a copy of Hibernate Search in Action, final edition available since December 2008.
    5. Deepen your Hibernate knowledge with Java Persistence with Hibernate


    No files are created in index directory, even on manual indexing.

    Hibernate Search won't create a new index in existing directories.

    The fundamental Lucene index files are created at framework startup, but existing directories are not modified. Delete the directory: the framework will create it and build the basic index structure at startup.

    Since 3.1 it detects indexes in existing directories automatically.

    Can I mix HQL and Lucene queries?

    This is not possible as there is no way to intersect the results from both queries without iterating on at least one of the results.

    You may consider adding additional fields to the Lucene index and then look at the Filters in the reference documentation.

    When I retrieve the number of results and the result list, I see two queries

    If you plan to return the number of matching results and the list of results, you should call the methods in the following order

    fullTextQuery.list(); //or iterate or scroll

    This will execute a single Lucene query instead of two and will be faster.

    When I run Hibernate Search in JBoss AS 4.2, I get a NoSuchMethodError?

    The error is: Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:;[Ljava/lang/Class;)Lorg/hibernate/search/FullTextQuery;

    Hibernate Search 3.0 requires Hibernate Annotations 3.3.x and JBoss AS 4.2 ships with 3.2.x. Replace the following jars:

    • hibernate-annotations.jar (3.3.x for Search 3.0)
    • hibernate-validator.jar (3.0.x for Search 3.0)
    • hibernate-entitymanager.jar (3.3.x for Search 3.0)
    • hibernate-commons-annotations.jar (3.0.x for Search 3.0)

    in [JBOSS_HOME]/server/[myconfig]/lib

    Then place Hibernate Search and Lucene JARs in your EAR or WAR.

    What do I do if i get the error message that Hibernate Search Event listeners not configured

    The full error message looks something like this:

    Caused by: org.hibernate.HibernateException: Hibernate Search Event listeners not configured, please check the reference documentation and the application's hibernate.cfg.xml


    There are several possibilities for this error.

    • You are not using Hibernate Annotations in which case the event listeners have to be manually configured (see also the event listener configuration in the online documentation):


    (Other versions require more event listeners, and latest versions don't require any at all: please refer to the documentation relevant to the version you are using)

    • Your are using the wrong version of Hibernate Annotation/Search. Hibernate Annotation has tries to detect Search at startup and configures the event listeners in case they are found. This however requires that you have the right versions of the dependencies. Check the Compatibility Matrix for the right combination of jar files. In case you are using the jar files which ship with the Hibernate Search distribution make sure that you really installed the right jar files and they they are really used. Some containers might have a shared lib directory with a older versions of the required libraries. Check the log file. Each Hibernate product reports its version when starting up.
    • If you sure you are using the right version of Annotations and Search and you still get this exception it might be that you have a custom class loading configuration which prevents Annotations to locate the Search specific event listeners. If this is the case try the manual configuration.

    I am using Spring and the index is not being updated at transaction commit.

    See also spring integration and especially check you're using the correct transaction manager:

    Search is using background threads to manage the indexes; they are gracefully closed when you close Hibernate's SessionFactory. Closing the SessionFactory is always recommended; when using Search it's mandatory, otherwise your application might never terminate.


    When using exclusive_index_use=true it's also needed to properly clear the index locks; note that this options is enabled by default since Hibernate Search 4.0.

    How do I get started with the search archetype?


    Use the following command, specifying the latest Hibernate Search version for archetypeVersion (or the version of your choice):


    mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=org.hibernate -DarchetypeArtifactId=hibernate-search-quickstart -DarchetypeVersion=4.0.0.Final -DarchetypeRepository=


    You need to specify the group- and artifact id and a version. Once the sample project is created you can inspect the sources and run for exmaple mvn test.


    To get a full list of available archetypes in the repo run:


    mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeRepository=