Version 3

    Before creating a new service, try to determine if an existing service meets the requirements. This task is best supported by a Service Repository. Examine information in the Service Repository to determine if  there may be a service which can be used outright or extended for the new business process. Review task candidate service groupings and compare with current designs in the repository to determine if a task belongs to an existing service or other service candidate.




    This step will examine the service repository to identify existing services that either match the requirements of the service candidate, or could be used to help build the service associated with the service candidate.


    Repo: Search for existing services – search criteria may be based on use of existing message schema, or could be based on similarity in observable behaviour. If an existing service (or services) of interest cannot be found, create a new service in the repository. Establish dependency between potential existing services and the choreography model.


    Input: Choreography models


    Output: Service candidates associated with zero or more potential existing services that could be used to aid their implementation.